Rant on the ‘fine line’ (Not an article about cars)

For those of you who have not heard of the ‘fine line’, do not feel too thick. It is the brainchild of…er…my brain. (Suprise-a-minute with me, isn’t it?) The fine line is my phrase to describe that (nowadays) almost-impossible distinction between simulation and reality. And I’m sick of it. What, may I ever-so-politely ask, is the point of a game, a mere game, that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing? In my opinion, it is creepy. And pointless. I believe the latter because if the so-called brainboxes at Polyphony or EA or wherever are so obsessed with this realism thing, why don’t they just take up selling tickets to drive cars round tracks, or free football lessons with the masters. The whole point of a game is that it is supposed to liberate you from the mundane confines of our planet, and to make you do incredible things, be they survive huge car crashes or jump gaping canyons. To find if I was correct, I had a little play with the proclaimed ‘most eagerly anticipated racing game ever’, Gran Turismo 5

Believe it or not, the image on the left is actually a screenshot from a game. A GT5 sort of game. But the realistic looks do not bother me. In fact, they are a benefit. What does bother me is the fact that if you crash, you do not bounce off the wall and continue. You feel the impact (vibrating controllers) and you stop. You then reverse slowly out of the wall, and if you’re lucky, continue. If you’re not, you stop working. Great.(Insert exasperated sigh.) And you sustain the damage, so you go slower. Also great. These Polyphony people. (Insert exasperated sigh.)(Again.)



I hate/love the world…

Some things are set in stone. Some things are constantly changing. That is the reason for the vague title. At the present moment I am feeling a rather strong tendency towards the hate side, but I’m sure that will change tomorrow and I will be filled with boundless optimism.

Anyway, what is wrong with the world? The answer is lots. Lots of lots. Incredible amounts of lots. Infinite lots… I’ll stop there, shall I? But, speaking as a Buddhist (yes really, I am) (sort of) (don’t brackets confuse you?), I really, really want the world to be ruled by peace and eco-ness. (Is that a word?) I want joy to jump about, and into the minds and hearts and souls of every last living thing. (Even mushrooms)*. But obviously it doesn’t. So, in theory, I should not like the world. But read the title.

Now don’t point the finger at me (it’s metaphorical) and exclaim in a rather-too-loud-to-be-pleasant voice ‘Aha! I knew you weren’t a true Buddhist!’ Because it gets really quite irritating after a while. The reason why I cannot express my opinion about the world without changing it a few seconds later is because, deep down, I do quite like this blue planet. Not love, but quite like. There is a difference.

The reason why I like our modest ball of not-actually-that-much is because it is fun. Sort of. You can traverse the globe, absorbing so many different cultures you will turn into a great big ball of culture. (Sorry about the terrible metaphor-I was away when they did English at school.)  You can eat different cuisines every day for a thousand years! (Maybe.) You can learn thousands of languages, experience hundreds of different climates, learn uncountable different religions, and most important of all…

P.S. Complete this article in your comment. I will nominate a winner and then change this post accordingly.

P.P.S. By doing this, I am not being lazy. Honest.

P.P.P.S. Erm… I’ve always wanted to do a P.P.P.S. you know, so don’t rain on my parade. (Or my P.P.P.S.)

* I ‘ve always hated mushrooms. (With the fire of a thousand burning hells. Possibly.)


Virtual Reality

The GtbyCitroën. Radical name, radical idea. It’s a supercar concept, first made for a game. Originally seen in the Gran Turismo series, it was first unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. It’s a good old proper concept car, with the relentless mantra of ‘form before function’ (or practicality for that matter-don’t think the designers ever thought of  such thing as a rear view) influencing its creation heavily. Some thought Citroën could not follow up their utterly crazy Survolt electric race car, but Citroën prove all doubters wrong with the GT.

Don’t, though, be fooled by the word ‘GT’. You could fry an egg in the copper- coated interior. It is seriously hot in there, so it is not made for long drives (or any drives, in fact). But who cares? It wasn’t made to be driven. It was made to be looked at and speculated over. And Citroën have succeeded in that.