Virtual Reality

The GtbyCitroën. Radical name, radical idea. It’s a supercar concept, first made for a game. Originally seen in the Gran Turismo series, it was first unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. It’s a good old proper concept car, with the relentless mantra of ‘form before function’ (or practicality for that matter-don’t think the designers ever thought of  such thing as a rear view) influencing its creation heavily. Some thought Citroën could not follow up their utterly crazy Survolt electric race car, but Citroën prove all doubters wrong with the GT.

Don’t, though, be fooled by the word ‘GT’. You could fry an egg in the copper- coated interior. It is seriously hot in there, so it is not made for long drives (or any drives, in fact). But who cares? It wasn’t made to be driven. It was made to be looked at and speculated over. And Citroën have succeeded in that.



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