Control freak signs

Hello, fellow people possibly on I sincerely apologise for the lack of posts over the past few days, as I was very busy at that time. But do not fret! Doctorbenzi has returned! And this latest post is all about those incredibly annoying control freak signs.

Do you know the kind of thing I mean? If not, here is a selection of a few:

See what I mean? Why on Earth do they do it? In my opinion, it is just a waste of metal/paper/cardboard/plastic. If you have another sign akin to these, please leave a link in your comments. And subscribers/likes are always appreciated. Unless I’m on holiday and I can’t be bothered to go get the computer.

P.S. I AM NOT ON HOLIDAY, so comment!

P.P.S Here is a ‘control freak’ joke to tell your friends/enemies/cats:

‘Knock Knock!’ ‘Who’s there?’ ‘Control freak!’ ‘Control freak who?’ ‘Aha! It worked!’



7 responses to “Control freak signs

  1. Great post
    Frankly, I think these are a hilarious waste of time.
    P.S Check the bottom of the ‘Don’t touch the edges’ sign

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