Back to the Past…

Doesn’t the past always seem better than the present or the future? Don’t you wish that you could turn back time and live out the greatest day of your life all over again? But I believe this is not the way to live. Live in the present, not the future though. If you live looking forward, life will skip gaily by you whilst you are unaware. Or in English: If you never look around, how can you enjoy life?

No thanks. I don't like riddles too.

This is the reason for this incredibly moving, inspirational and sentimental post. Or at least part of it. That’s right. The 1985 hit movie, Back to the Future, inspired me to write this post. Well done; a poster made me waste 15 minutes of my life. Or about 10 hours, considering how many times I have watched that film. But anyway. When I saw this poster somewhere or other, I was struck by a sudden feeling of not-permanentness. If that’s a word. But what I thought was: ‘What is the point of trying to attempt time travel?’ I mean, really? Why not let the world do its thing, and not try and succeed in manipulating it? Because what does this make you? Please answer in your comments. The question is ‘What is the point of time travel?’

Thank you for your time. Ha ha.



3 responses to “Back to the Past…

  1. Dear Dr Benzi,

    Another good post and a good point.

    Living in the present is all very well, but if it is not informed by the past and coloured by hopes for the future life cannot possibly be as multi-dimensional as it could be.

    Live in the present, don’t mess with time, but keep it in the context of what has been and what might be.

    Back to the future – A Christmas Carol for our times.


  2. @Greg Weaving: I am not saying that, I’m just saying not to live in the past. Or the future. Or in a mushroom. But that’s not the point.

    PS I am putting up a post in about 10 minutes, and I would like luxray360 (Freddie F), Chingching01 (Alex C) and possibly FredNavtej (Name unknown to the human race) over here to discuss it. And no dissing Liverpool.

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