You all know Zeno’s paradox, being the well-informed Doctorbenzi entusiasts that you may or may not be. If not, look it up on Wikipedia. The answer is always on the Internet.

Done? So you will get 100% if I tested you on it? No? Well I’m not going to test you. This is your lucky day. All I’m going to do is compare it to the world nowadays. Now review sentence 8. Ah. Of course, it does not work (the paradox, not sentence 8). But it should. Like some of the people I know. Ha ha. Sorry some of the people I know. There is a way to get round this mind-boggling ancient theory. That is: plot your journey for twice the distance and stop at the first halfway point. Sometimes it works to think outside the box. But, as Zeno would say, it is impossible to get out the box. First you have to go halfway, then halfway from there again, etc.


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