Hello and welcome to my first personal post. Now, I am not very brilliantly O.K at being personal, because I maybe very not often probably make sense. But I’ll try. As I write, I am staring out the window, watching life move by me. This is sounding a bit moving, isn’t it? I’ll rephrase it: as I pound angrily on the keys, I sneer out the grimy window as the awful pollution of London moves by me cruelly and unnoticingly. What I’m trying to say is that there are two ways to look at life. And, unlike what some people will (try) and tell you is that complex and detailed is not always better. If I were to take a walk around London, noticing every little detail, I would move to Kent and sit in a cave all day. But if I took the same walk, but only appreciated the beautiful and brilliant about our city, I would not be by now sitting in a cave, because that would mean I could not write moving posts like this one, because there is not a lot moving and meaningful about a cave in Kent. Sorry Kent. So this brings me to my conclusion. Always look on the bright side of (Kent) life!




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