One of my earlier posts, I hate/love the world, may have given you the impression that I was a cheerful, happy-g0-lucky optimist. I’m not. I tend to look at the bad side of things before the good. My glass is always half-full, but it is with poison and it has a leak. And what particularly annoys me is people who think that they have the moral high ground, just because they drive a Toyota Prius, or recycle almost every day/week/year. They don’t. The best kind of help is the one you don’t notice, or the one you don’t brag about at the golf club. (Disclaimer: I do not own a Prius, and I do not play golf.) I like to toast chestnuts on an open fire. I know that is not very good for global warming, so I try and be eco-friendly the next day, by running instead of driving, or recycling.

So this brings me onto my main point. Why waste your time with being better, when you can be the best? Why not, instead of telling everyone that you only ate mushrooms yesterday, do it today. But you can’t, because at the moment you are eating steak, as a reward for being so brilliant. Wait. Doesn’t that mean you just boosted global warming? But you’re eco-golfer! What is the world coming to? (That was not a good sentence. I shouldn’t have said that, should I?)



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