What if?

My good friend, chingching01, posted a short thought-provoking story titled What If? I am going to imitate that, for imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Anyway, what if computers had not been invented? I would not be typing this now. What if lemons had not been discovered? Er… not much, but it would mean I could not have my Gravatar, and that is clearly important. What if Dr Seuss had not invented the word nerd? (He did: I am cleverly educating you subliminally and therefore becoming a hugely respected figure in my local community. Sort of.) Then not much would have happened except more people would be geeks, which is no bad thing. (See?! I am not anti-geek. Sort of. Sorry anti-geeks.)

But the answer is clear. If all these things had not happened, no one would know, and this post would be slightly different. Ah well. Just be thankful that they did happen, and that tis post is like this.

Thank you Alex, Fred and Niall for the inspiration. Goodnight.



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