Chess is a wonderful game. Many people play it for leisure, competitively, even professionally. It is fun. I am quite good at chess, but I know someone who is very good indeed. (You know who I mean, A.G.W.) I like chess. (I state the obvious.) But why am I posting about a game? I’m a pessimist, aren’t I? ( Latin – Pessimus/Pessime, meaning very bad/the worst, very badly.) (Sorry about that. It’s part of my new ‘Educate the doctorbenzi fans’ project. Current amount of information transported to other’s minds: 0.0000001 nuggets. And that was my blog username. In the bipenultimate sentence. Check it out.) (Oooh. Benzi said a fancy word! The recommended sentence is now antepenultimate. Bow down to me, the master of language.) (Bow down was present imperative active.)

 Anyway, back to chess. What’s that? You forgot I was talking about chess, because I was ranting on about language? Ah well.) Chess is very simple. You move your pieces to win the game. (A.G.W. will give you full rules in a comment. Won’t he?) (Hint hint.) As I was saying, before we were so rudely interrupted by that picture to your left, chess is one of the most widely-played games in the world, and the Russians are good at it. (That explains A.G.W. He’s Russian*.) (Actually, I wasn’t saying that before I inserted the picture, but hopefully no one noticed.)

Bensparov (Work it out.)

* Sort of.


6 responses to “Chess…

  1. a) Why is this post in cars
    b) The rules of chess
    Basically you attempt to trap your opponents king(he can’t move. When you do this, you win the game and it is called checkmate. If you wish to learn more, you can search ‘chess’ on Wikipedia.
    Thank you Benkaswerd.

    Check. Mate.

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