I’ve been thinking. (‘You’ve been thinking! That’s a change of pace.’ – Like Mike, 2002.) No really, I have. I thought about humans. I cried. I thought about lemons. I regained the will to live. But anyway, I was thinking about life. (Oh no! Here goes another moving and inspirational post!) I was thinking that humans think too much.

We do, actually. Every second of our lives is spent rationalising, talking, (‘You talking to me?’ – Taxi Driver, 1976.) blogging, writing. But why? I don’t know. Thinking hurts my porridge. (Porridge – Brain synonym. Suitable, for some fans of mine.)

Enough seriousness. You don’t come to this blog for that. (You probably don’t come to this blog at all, unless you are A.G.W, F.F, N.C-J, A.C. Which you’re not. Are you.) I want this post to be enjoyable. So I will tell a joke:

How many A.G.Ws does it take to change a lightbulb?

One. To change the lightbulb. (Sorry if I offended you, but I did try to make it completely unreferential to anyone. Apart from A.G.W. Obviously.) (Sort of.)

 Bennisdfighbwes. Pronounce that!

Thank you to N.C-J for inspiration. Please check out his blogs.


2 responses to “Thinkoids…

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