Recently, I was in a Ford Mondeo, and the driver thought it appropriate to suddenly live his childhood fantasy of winning the World Rally Championship. This was quite irritating, as he promptly drove straight off the road and into a field… full of bemused sheep.

This made me angry, but not as angry as my watch, who now displays two rather worrying little icons, that look dangerously like ”LOW BATTERY, YOU FOOL.” and ”AAAGGGH. STOP PRESSING MY MANY BUTTONS IN A LARGELY INCOMPETENT WAY.” This is disturbing.  So I wrote a post about it. (For those of you who are wondering where you can find that post, you can’t. Because you clearly have the intellectual capacity of a greyhound’s toenail.) (Sorry.)

 Also rather worryingly, (or so I thought) was the fact that my computer permanently has a little exclamation mark in the corner. For a long time, I did not know the reason for this cute little piece of punctuation, but once I hovered my mouse over it, it promptly shouted at me ”SOLVE PC ISSUES: 1 MESSAGE”. Aarggh! This was disturbing, as I look after my PC, and I don’t like being written at in large letters. (Written at? Memo to self: FIND BETTER SHOUTING METAPHORS.) Anyway, after I had got over this severe trauma, I plucked up the courage to find out about my critical PC ISSUE: 1 MESSAGE thingamabob. I did.
The message was ”PC IS FINE.”