AURGHRGHUAGGRH. I haven’t posted in soooo long. Totally, like. I’m sorry, my computer had a virus. AURGHRGHUAGGRH. It was very disturbing, as it looked exactly like a de-virusising software, which was discombobulating. Anyway, I actually am sorry, so I will make a promise to you fanoids out there. I, Doctorbenzi (Blad), solemnly swear to post every ten days. There. Done. Happy? No? Join the club.

 But I digress. The point of this post is to rant on about stuff, so I set to with a will. (What does that mean?)

You know Charlie, yeah? He’s just died.

You know Alex, yeah? He’s just died.

You know James, yeah…

Get off the roof and  hand me the gun RIGHT NOW. *

That was pointless. And funny. (Basically sums me up, doesn’t it?) But what I’m really trying to say is: (…) Er, see the movie Senna. But be prepared to be moved. (Out of your seat when the cinema is overbooked…) I saw it on… er… Saturday. It was very good. Gooder than most documentaries.

Due to the promising title of this post, I have resolved to end every post with a brainteaser. So here is today’s:

Three teams.

A    B     C       A beats B, and B beats C. But then C beats A. All victories are by the same amount,(i.e. all are 1-0.)  except A vs C, which is 2-0. Which is the best team? (This is dedicated to A.G.W.)


* This joke is from Milton Jones’ ‘Hello’ album.


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