Hello and welcome to another Dr B post. The reason for the breaking of the promise was that I was called to Norfolk for a while suddenly, and there was no internet. But now I am on holiday, I can post more! (Except for acouple of weeks in august when I will be touring California in a camper van).

ANYway, today I want to talk about clothes.

I recently had a meal at a food place. (Sorry, mind blank…) (Wow. I am so not not unvague.) (HA. Triple negative. Not unpwned.) (I missed brackets.) Anyway, I spilt some pesto stuffoid on my clothoids and they promptly died. So, I took of this item of suffering, and sat on it.

The point is that clothes are what people instantly judge you by. So wear nice clothes and you will get friended. And subscribed to. (Hint hint.)

Yesterday, when all my troubles seemed so far away, I saw A.G.W. wearing an awesome jumper that must have cost him more than it costs me to eat for eight years. So I said, A.G.W., nice clothes. Then I walked away.The tears of a clown. Or a blogger. Anyway, as I said, I am on holiday, and I will be going to America. So when I get back, there will be an extra long post about it! YAY!



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