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Movies of 2010/Why going to the cinema last year was a total waste of time

2010. No doubt a fantastic year for many bloggers, what with all that exciting stuff going on in all those exciting places. But for me, last year was just a waste of a year. The reason for this is simple. I like to go to the cinema. There were only two good movies in 2010; two in a whole year. Add 2 and 2 together and you get the answer: I had about 2 hours of enjoyable cinema last year, leaving 8,763.81277 hours of sitting on my bed eating mushrooms. And for those of you who read my I hate/love the world, you will know that I HATE MUSHROOMS. So 2010 must have been really bad.

How incredibly ominous...

  This is one of the two good films. I admit I did not see the other, (The King’s Speech) but I am assured if its excellency. I liked The Social Network. Unlike many others, it did not rely on things exploding to get high ratings. (Think The Hurt Locker, The Pacific.) And ther’s the poster for the movie. WOW. Who wouldn’t want to see it? Now, you amy remember my last post, where I talked deeply and movingly about another movie poster. All of you die-hard Doctorbenzi fans will know what’s next. Please answer the question in your comments: ‘What movie poster is better: Back to the Future, or The Social Network?’